In order to capture a wide spectrum of the high end Sparkling Wine market, Diamant Classique offers a varied size and grading of diamonds. On offer are 3 variations of certified diamonds corresponding to the following size and grading:
Product Option Diamond Grading
•DC Quarter Carat .23–.29K–NVVS–S1
•DC Half Carat .47–.53JKSI1–2
•DC One Carat .97–103KSI1–2

The selected diamonds are of jewellery quality and are accompanied by certification from internationally recognized laboratories.

All DC diamonds conform to the Kimberley Process and are guaranteed non-conflict diamonds.

The diamonds are housed within handmade blown-glass pendants. These are designed and blown to form the shape of a liquid drop. The resulting perception is that of the capsule blending with the surrounding elements of wine and bubbles. The design of the diamond capsule incorporates a loop so as to function as an attractive jewellery piece, thus giving the patron the option to display the diamond for their immediate enjoyment. To access the diamond from the glass capsule, a firm squeeze with a pair of pliers or similar apparatus will release the diamond.

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